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Unleash the power of your people with our Award-Winning Collaboration System!

Meeting spaces are vital to effective teamwork. The venues, setup and equipment chosen have a direct impact on employee productivity, and as such, the right technology can make or break your collaborative experience. Enter Vox and our Collaborative Room System, which contains a cost-effective, all-in-one interactive experience. From touch screens to built in PC’s, your shared experience will never be the same. Whiteboard, annotate, present, video-conference, browse and share content wirelessly from any device with ease.

Each Vox Collaborate Room System has been carefully crafted to cater for venue size and includes:

  • A 4K (3,840 x 2,160) high brightness LCD touch screen.
  • Android and/ or Windows PC.
  • Built-in wireless content sharing.
  • An appropriate camera and microphone system.
  • A variety of mounting options, delivered and installed.
  • A host of collaboration applications with perpetual licenses and free upgrades for life.
  • 4K, Ultra HD resolution for 50 000 hours of use within 5 years.

Enjoy enhanced productivity with reduced meeting costs while equipping any meeting space with the necessary. Your team will thrive with video conferencing, wireless and hassle-free presenting solution.


Features And Benefits

Complete Range of 4K Screen Sizes

Equip meeting venues of varying sizes with an appropriate solution whilst providing the same user interface in every venue. Choose between 65″. 75″ or 86″ solutions.

Wireless Content Sharing from any Personal Device

Simple, bi-directional connectivity which allows user to share content from any device to a screen, or connect to a video conference call while maintaining control of their device. Up to 4 users can share content on the display at once.

Natural, Fluid Writing

Provides a natural writing experience with no lag. Whiteboard or annotate over any document. Erase with your palm. Pinch and pull to zoom. Enjoy great gesture controls with infinite whiteboarding.

Video Conferencing

Vox Room solutions have been designed to be flexible and agnostic, so you can use your existing VC solutions and software. Our open platform approach gives you access to cloud-based applications such as Skype for Business, Teams, Vox Air, Slack, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.

Dynamic Messaging

A superior touch interface provides a natural writing experience with no lag. Whiteboard or annotate over any document. Erase with your palm. Pinch and pull to zoom. Enjoy great gesture controls with infinite whiteboarding.

Convenient, Long Lasting Solutions

Send real-time messages to your Vox Room screens. IT, Marketing and Enjoy wireless, cable-free solutions with 4K Ultra HD Resolution for 50 000 hours over 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, if you opt for the Windows PC bundle you can run Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams on the Vox Collaborate solution. You can also make use of the VoxAir 12 month subscription included in your Vox Collaborate system if you do not already have a preferred web conferencing platform.

Everything that you need to collaborate in a meeting venue or via a video call: 4K interactive touch screen; an Android and / or a Windows PC; wireless content sharing application; an appropriate conference camera and an appropriate mounting solution for your venue.  You can also opt for an optional Vox Air 12 month discounted web conference application.


No, you can use the 2 pens included in the bundle or you can simply use your finger or any other opaque stylis.


No, Vox Collaborate solutions are 4K (3,840×2,160) bright LCD screens with toughened glass overlays that provide an all-inclusive solution with no projection hot-spots or image warping.


You can’t do better. Vox Collaborate is the highest rated product in it’s category on the market.


There’s no prerequisite- we craft each experience according to your teams needs.


The growing need for collaborative workspaces can’t be denied. Teamwork makes dreamwork, but these group sessions can get a bit repetitive. It’s important to make your experience as engaging as possible so as to maximise your ultimate output

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