Elegance I.C.E

Take care of your loved ones without being present with the ultimate home care monitoring system.

The system will send the nominated caregiver an “out of normal pattern” alert or emergency notification should an incident occur.

Vox I.C.E is scalable to fit your specific requirements.

I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) comprises non-intrusive sensors and specialised algorithms to detect any abnormal behaviour for  relatively healthy seniors living on their own.


Incase Of Emergency
$ 285 Monthly
  • Connects automatically to Sigfox Network
  • Include 2x Room sensors
  • Include 2x Door sensors

The algorithm will detect the person’s day-to-day behaviour over a period of time, establish their routine, and detect any abnormalities, for example:

  • Spending more time in bed
  • Change in sleeping patterns, lack of movement
  • Forgetting to close doors
  • Accidental falls

Features And Benefits

They need their independence, and you need peace of mind – get the best of both, with Vox I.C.E.

A caregiver can have insight into the daily life routine of a loved one

Remote care monitoring for older people that are self provisioning and prefer to live independently in a environment of their choice.

Various non-intrusive sensors available and are scalable according to requirement

Sensors that detect continuous movement, (or the lack of it), geolocation, emergency alerts and specific condition sensors to alert caregivers in any abnormal situation.

Specialised alogrithm

A specialised algorithm will create a “normal” day-to-day behavioural pattern, and will detect any abnormal behaviour with related notifications and alarms.

Will detect accidental falls that can lead to mortality

The system will detect an accidental fall and will create an alarm to a caregiver to react. Falls account for 40% of all injury deaths and an indirect cause of death is if a person is unable to get up from the floor and cannot call for a help.

A wearable pendant will enable a caregiver to track the position of the senior

The geo-location device will provide the position of the elder person in case of an emergency to enable quick response.

Full reporting system for analysis

By analysing behavioural patterns over period of time, underlying illnesses can be detected and pro-active measures taken

Frequently Asked Questions

None. The devices will need batteries to be activated and require no special skills to install.

No, the devices connect to their own network. The only prerequisite is that the deployment needs to be in a Sigfox coverage area.

The devices only detects movement and abnormal conditions. The system will “learn” over a period of time the lifestyle pattern of the elder person, and any behaviour outside of this will be reported.

The effectiveness of the complete system will be determined by the number of rooms and the number of doors that your senior uses and needs to be monitored. Specific devices will be able to work on their own.

Only the caregiver and authorised people will see the data.

The system can be re-installed and will require 2-3 weeks to “learn” the new behaviour of the senior.

The cost depends on the number of devices required. This excludes the network cost, to which the devices connect to as well as the platform cost, which is the client interface

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