Home IT Support

The home laptop is central to our lives today, enabling email, video conferencing, online movies and kids homework. Anyone who’s ever experienced laptop problems knows you need support now, not when an IT guy can eventually get to it. Enter Elegance Home IT Support; your instantly accessible, remote troubleshooting experts. The benefits are vast and include:

  • Access to skilled engineers, available from 7am to 9pm during work days.
  • No expensive monthly minimum commitments for hours you may not use. We only bill for the hours spent with our engineers when you require assistance.
  • No waiting for onsite support – just activate an installed desktop icon and our technicians will remotely troubleshoot at the click of a button.
  • Bitdefender anti-virus and anti-malware, starting from only R49 per month.
  • Regular Windows updates to patch any identified security holes.

Through decades of experience, Elegance Managed Services has created a support solution designed with home user needs in mind.

Our Home IT Support system prioritises the things that matter: safety, security, troubleshooting and convenience. Protect your data and enjoy convenient solutions as you need them. Enjoy peace of mind, ease of access and expert solutions – it’s that simple. Elegance