Gaming Essentials - QoS

Play your best game with Vox! With Vox FTTH (Fibre to the Home) and the Vox-developed Gaming QoS (Quality of Service)* you can enjoy a gaming-optimised experience on your last mile.

We all know that a split second can mean the difference between winning and losing when competing online. Lag spikes and jitter are the bane of a gamer’s existence and cause major frustration for gamers of all levels. Vox FTTH gamers used to experience the same frustration, but not anymore.

With Vox Gaming QoS you will:

• Eliminate latency spikes
• Minimise jitter
• Be unaffected by other household Internet traffic.

Now it’s possible to experience smooth gaming, with lower pings and less lag, while the rest of your home can ‘Netflix and chill.’

*This offering is only available to Vox FTTH customers and requires a Vox-supplied MikroTik router to be enabled.

*T&Cs apply

How It Works

They need their independence, and you need peace of mind – get the best of both, with Vox I.C.E.

Features And Benefits

Gaming Traffic Isolation

Your gaming traffic will flow over a dedicated portion of your last mile link, unaffected by other Internet traffic flowing over the same link.

Eliminate Latency Spikes

With gaming traffic isolation, you won’t experience latency spikes when someone in the house starts watching a Youtube video, for example.

Minimise Jitter

With reduced variance in latency, the jitter on your gaming traffic will be minimised. You and your family can enjoy hassle-free Internet usage without your gaming or their streaming being affected.

Reduce Ping Time

Get the edge over the competition with improved real-time gaming, particularly on lower speed links.

OTA (Over the Air) Configuration

Vox will configure your router remotely so you can enjoy the benefits without delay.

No Contract Lock-In

Vox’s Gaming Quality of Service can be purchased on a month-to-month contract.

Frequently Asked Questions


Month-to-month, with a 30 day notice period to change.

No, the devices connect to their own network. The only prerequisite is that the deployment needs to be in a Sigfox coverage area.

You will be dedicating a portion* of your last mile link to gaming traffic. In return, your latency remains consistent and unaffected by other Internet traffic, ensuring you get the best gaming experience possible.

*1Mbps dedicated on links less than 50Mbps and 2Mbps dedicated on 50Mbps or faster links.

Just log into the Vox Shop, or contact one of our Gaming specialists, and purchase Vox Gaming QoS (Quality of Service).

No, we will make contact with you to obtain all the information required to configure the service remotely.

You will need to supply the Vox consultant with the IP address or the MAC address of your gaming device.

No, this offering requires you to have a Vox installed FTTH (Fibre to the Home) MikroTik router.

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