Vox Fixed LTE-A (powered by MTN) wireless internet gets you connected to Fibre-like speeds without waiting for a fixed-line to be installed. Hassle-free install, no wait! It’s plug and play!

This Summer of Love, we’re giving the first 1000 new subscribers to sign up for an MTN Fixed LTE-A SIM + Router package a free gift from Huawei!

Why Vox Fixed LTE-A?

  • Fixed LTE-A provides Fibre-like speeds.
  • It’s a great alternative to fixed-line connectivity.
  • Use your data 24/7.
  • Data packages are available to meet all your entertainment requirements, from streaming to gaming.
  • Available in three options: Purchase Router and SIM or opt for Router and SIM rental or, if you have an MTN-approved router, get the SIM only.


Vox Fixed LTE-A (MTN)

Features And Benefits

Fast Speed

Enjoy Fibre-like speeds with LTE-A connectivity from MTN’s next generation network.

Data Packages

Flexible data packages are available to meet your household requirements.

Stay Connected

Never run out of data when you least expect it. Get usage notifications sent via email or SMS.

Plug and Play

Insert your SIM into the MTN approved router, power it up and you’ll be surfing up a storm in no time!