Cloud Voice Recording

Atmos provides a clever solution for secure and compliant call logging – it’s South Africa’s first cloud-based, compliant voice logging solution

  • All calls securely recorded
  • Fully compliant (FICA, POPI, FAIS and CPA)
  • Fully redundant and backed up
  • Unlimited storage – pay as you grow
  • Supported on Vox’s hosted PBX services for a true end-to-end cloud-based solution
  • Embedded directly into any Far South PBX to cater for hybrid environments

Voice Logging


Voice Logging


Voice Logging


Voice Logging


How It Works

Features And Benefits

Simple, powerful

Atmos offers multi-site support, on-demand recording, browser-based access and playback, and it’s compatible with mobile devices.

Solid encryption

Calls are individually secured, and encrypted at source. Atmos also employs a rotating encryption method, so encryption is unique to each call.

Just press go

Cloud-based means that while internet connectivity is required, no additional or expensive on-site hardware is needed – you just pay for your storage consumption.

Backup and continuity

All calls are stored in the cloud, on a fully redundant and backed up basis. Plus: the system promises 99.99% availability.

Frequently Asked Questions


Depending on your industry, the government may require you to have compliant call recording and storage to be in line with the standards of that industry. Keeping compliant is a major concern for many businesses, as sanctions, imprisonment and even shutdowns can be the result of not following the rules that regulatory bodies have put in place for your business. Businesses that deal with finances, provide healthcare, or give legal advice or help, all may be required to record any type of communication and transaction. Phone call recording software can make staying compliant extremely easy.


Using Atmos, 100% compliant calls are stored in a 256-bit encrypted format, with the original file preserved in its original state with a rotating encryption methodology that is unique and specific to each individual call. All calls are stored securely in the cloud (or on premise with Atmos Foundation) and can be made to be redundant across multiple servers and geographical locations. Utilising Atmos gives you the opportunity of sorting and searching your calls on different criteria making call retrieval simple and quick with a full audit trail.


With Atmos, your recordings are stored securely in the cloud with complete flexibility, scalability and unlimited storage.


Atmos is billed based on storage consumption vs traditional on-site call recorders that required a heavy CAPEX investment for server hardware and proprietary recording licenses.

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