Verto Supreme Cloud PBX

Cloud Based PBX

Move your PBX to the cloud and gain agility, flexibility and versatility. Our fully managed solutions provide you with low maintenance systems which means you can get on with your business while we take care of your PBX.

These days we’re constantly facing new challenges that influence how we work on a global scale. As a result, companies of all sizes need to have reliable business phone systems in place to allow employees to work and communicate with ease, whether they’re in the office or not.

A fully managed cloud PBX, Vox’s Verto Supreme offers flexibility in addition to the opportunity to save costs, either via our Uncapped Voice offering or exceptionally low calling rates.

Additional features include:

• A single price per user – with all features included
• Greater scalability to support your business’ changing needs
• Accessibility – supporting all users, from desk phones to mobile cellular applications
• Business continuity and reduced downtime

How It Works

Features And Benefits

Crystal clear, future-proof communications

Voice in HD

Never miss a beat or detail with the clarity of HD voice – using a wideband audio frequency and double the audio samples per second.

Guaranteed service

Take comfort and security in our provision of excellent service, with an inclusive service level agreement.

Cloud communications

PBX hosted in the cloud means flexibility for access, swift implementation, as well as off-site management and storage.


Supported brands

Vox has done excessive interoperability testing to ensure Verto Supreme works optimally with the handsets we sell and deploy; our supported brands are Yealink, SNOM, Polycom and Gigaset DECT.


Voice calling apps

For no additional charge turn your office into a virtual office when the power goes down by having voice calling apps installed on your employees’ mobile phones.

Telephone Management System (TMS)

For an additional R7.50 per extension, excl. VAT, get reporting insights to understand your usage and get the right insights to cut your call costs. Information is power.