ClickShare is a wireless presentation system, designed for sharing content in meetings with ease and efficiency. This simple collaboration tool will transform your meetings, making them more interactive and visual – for more engaged and productive team sessions. ClickShare requires no complex setup or software – just a USB port or app. Users simply plug in via USB, enabling one-click sharing from their smart devices. In addition to sharing visual content (like spreadsheets, presentations, and images) directly to a meeting room screen, ClickShare lets users share sound – playing the source laptop’s sound straight through the room’s audio system. Finally, ClickShare comes in two modes – Meeting or Classic – so you can choose the features you need, at the price you need.

Features and Benefits

Simple, smart, instant

No need for configuring or fiddling with screen resolutions. ClickShare will intuitively detect and adjust to the optimal settings for your system.

No special gear

The ClickShare hub of your choice (Mobile or Classic) is all that’s needed. Then simply launch your presentation or share content with a single click.

Get serious with Classic

ClickShare Classic is designed for high profile meetings and conferences, with up to four devices on screen simultaneously, and up to 64 connections to the base station.

Connect your way

Users connect to the ClickShare USB device or via a mobile app (iOS or Android), and they can stay on their own corporate WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Both Android and iOS applications are available.


Yes, if your video conferencing system supports a data channel. In that case, you can use the output of the base unit as input for the data port of the Codec.


When a fifth person pushes the dongle button, a message will appear on the laptop/MacBook of this user informing him or her that the central screen is full. However, the “Show me only” feature still works. When the fifth person holds the button for more than 1.5 seconds, the other sources are removed and the 5th source is shown full screen.


No. ClickShare is a zero footprint solution. After plugging out the dongle, no trace is left on your PC.

Only the caregiver and authorised people will see the data.

The system can be re-installed and will require 2-3 weeks to “learn” the new behaviour of the senior.

The cost depends on the number of devices required. This excludes the network cost, to which the devices connect to as well as the platform cost, which is the client interface

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