How Wi-Fi 6 Will Create Even Smarter Homes

By Guin Davies,Senior Content Writer Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes 25 Seconds Our Wi-Fi routers have been given a major upgrade and it’s the start of bigger things to come. Get ready for the Wi-Fi revolution. We’re talking faster speeds, way less congestion and stronger coverage overall – a router that allows our home networks to actually […]
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Cellular Booster

Cellular Booster Choose Your Package Cellular Office Booster YP Most Popular & Small Office Booster. Ideal for Enclosed rooms R 728 16 Monthly Small to Medium Home or office A500 Booster Covers up to 500 m2 Supports Single Network Ideal for enclosed rooms Self Install | Vox installation ICASA & NRCS Approved Rent Now 24 […]
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New Bundles from Frogfoot!

They say that nobody forgets their first time, and for the most part this is true. Especially when it comes to Fibre. Some of us still remember the days of dial-up and that beeping noise that penetrated your skull. Some of us remember when the Internet was meant to end the world in Y2K. Some of […]
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